Puerto Vallarta

A very romantic and beautiful coastal town on the Pacific.

Styling Trio also services the Pacific coastal cities of Mexico and one of the largest being Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a very romantic and beautiful coastal town; a place where you can catch a sunset almost every night of the week standing on el malecón, a beachside promenade lined with sculptures, bars, lounges, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs. Watch as the sun beautifully sets and the beautiful sun kissed colors glisten of the Pacific Ocean’s Banderas Bay and flair into the sky above. 

Puerto Vallarta is a great place to visit and wonderful place for a destination wedding. With so much to see and do, it’s great for guests to enjoy for days before and after your special event. You can just walk along the malecon and pop in and out of bar and restaurants enjoying frozen desserts, coffee or cocktails at one of the many establishments along the way. 

Puerto Vallarta is a very romantic, even majestic place, where the ocean meets the mountainous background but also lined with gorgeous palm trees and the sun sets for you every night. This Pacific coastal city provides you with everything you could ask for in a destination wedding. There are many hotels and resorts with lavish accommodations, as well as the smaller boutique-style hotels. There are incredible beaches and hip nightlife, a place you cannot go wrong when hosting a wedding full of your friends, family, and guests. 

Styling Trio has many partnerships in this area too, in fact the founder has a residence in Puerto Vallarta and is well known in the town. You and your guests will receive star treatment for sure and our agency can recommend anything you need for your special day and a memory of a lifetime!

Punta Mita & Sayulita

With 23 seaside villages, each with their own style and character.

Just north of Puerto Vallarta is the Riviera Nayarit with a coastline that includes about 23 seaside villages, each with its own style and character. There are many high end and boutique accommodations in this area and some of the most amazing fresh seafood restaurants and gorgeous beaches. 

One cool up-and-coming area is Nuevo Vallarta. Nuevo Vallarta is a planned resort that also sits on Banderas Bay like Puerto Vallarta but is newer and less developed than Puerto Vallarta, which the locals now refer to as “old Vallarta” in comparison. Nuevo Vallarta is known for its resorts, golf courses/spas, marina, malecon area, and its long, sandy beach. It’s a great place to walk along the Malecon and enjoy some people watching, restaurants, bars and shops. Nuevo Vallarta is a romantic and magical place and also offers everything you could want for a destination wedding. 

Sayulita is further north and probably the best known as the hippie-chic village among tourists. It’s a magical place with a beautiful beach area and mountains in the backdrop hugging the bay. The beaches here are known for its surf, its romantic and magical vibes and their wonderful galleries selling artisan arts and crafts by the Huichol indigenous people. To the southwest you’ll find the biodiverse Marieta Islands, group of small uninhabited islands a few miles off the coast of the state of Nayarit, where you can often see humpback whales and dolphins. Not a location for a wedding of course, but a wonderful spot to visit with destination wedding guests! 

Also south of Sayulita is Punta de Mita, a fishing village and luxury resort that resides on a small peninsula on Banderas Bay. Punta de Mita is known for its private beaches, upscale homes, and golf courses with beautiful views for a destination wedding. 

There are lovely places north of Sayulita as well, like San Pancho and San Blas. San Pancho, which used to be called San Francisco, shares Sayulita’s small scale and beachfront views, but is quite different. They play serious polo in San Pancho, at La Patrona Polo Club. You can watch a match and even take a lesson. There are also expert bird watching tours and golfing as well. San Blas, on the other hand, is a small fishing village to the north with many ecotourism adventures such as jungle boat rides, a visit to Singayta village, surfing, whale watching, waterfalls and hiking. 

Styling Trio has partnerships up and down the Vallartas and Riviera Nayarit. This stunning Pacific coast area of Mexico is a favorite for us and we were so excited when we extended services to this region years ago. Since then we’ve attended many beautiful seaside weddings with sunset receptions; it’s truly a backdrop for an unforgettable event!

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