Getting Ready for the Big Day: A Hair Preparation Guide!

The excitement is building, and every detail is falling into place. Amidst the hustle, have you thought about how to prep your hair for the grand day? Take note, as we share some essential ideas:

Boost with Vitamins: If your locks need a little pick-me-up, consider a nourishing hair treatment two months prior to your wedding day. Avoid post-two-month treatments, as this timeframe ensures your hair will have that coveted extra volume.

Strategic Washing: Wash your hair either the day before or, if your wedding is later in the day, on the same morning. Opt for a natural drying process instead of using heat tools.

Blow Dry Tips: If you’re opting for a professional blow dry, wash your hair in the morning and arrive with damp hair. This sets the stage for a flawless styling session.

For the Grooms Club: If you’ve chosen the “Grooms Club” package, hold off on your shower before arriving. We’ll take care of your grooming first, and then you can indulge in a refreshing shower before we proceed with the makeup application.

Remember, dear brides, the magic lies in the harmonious blend of your dress, hair, and makeup. Let these practical tips guide you as you focus on curating your wedding style, ensuring you not only look but, most importantly, feel absolutely fabulous on your special day!

You're already gorgeous—we just make it official.