Our favorites for airbrush makeup is TEMPTU, with the brand offering 2 types of foundation depending on your skin’s needs. TEMPTU’s HD airbrush makeup which is silicone based (or water-based) delivers a flawless finish and withstands best in this humid and tropical climate. 

MAC, Sephora, Fenty Beauty, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Benefit, among others. 

If you have a question about a specific brand of makeup or would like to bring your own makeup please let us know! We’re happy to accommodate you and Invite clients to bring their own makeup if they are concerned about allergies.

Our artists have experience with all types of skin and skin issues. Our artists have dealt  with so many different women of all shades and types of skin. . We ask that you bring your skincare with you and any products that you currently use that work for your skin. Sometimes it’s best to use what the skin is used to. Also it helps if you send us a picture without any makeup on so one of our experts can determine which products will be right for you. At Styling Trio, everything is always tailored according to your specific needs.

Yes! The airbrush makeup is the best option for our clients celebrating their events in tropical climates. Our makeup technique blends traditional concealers and foundation, then seals the look with airbrush.  LIghtweight layers provide a “barely there” classic makeup application that is also highly water-resistant and has a guaranteed wear until the sun comes up (approx. 14 hours). Our founder, Adrian, started the agency based on what airbrush makeup can do for skin and to this day it’s our smokin’ gun! It’s also great for grooms and groomsmen as it helps combat shine. All of our services include HD airbrushing and false lashes. (eyelash strips and individual lash applications available.) Feel free to bring your own favorite pair of lashes and we will gladly apply them for you. 

A great team of artists will make sure your hair and makeup stay put throughout your entire wedding. Mother Nature has her moments, so we need to assess which hairstyles would work best depending on the weather, wind, and if the event will be indoors or outside on the beach. Makeup stands up extremely well in the tropical climates we work in, however, in the summer months, we strongly recommend touch-ups, especially if you perspire a lot.

We do not but we ask that you come prepared with the following items to help ensure a flawless you.

Your touch-up kit should include:

Lip gloss, blush, translucent powder, bobby pins (ask your hair stylist to leave some for you) and a travel-size can of hairspray. Lastly, before your makeup artists leave, ask for a layer of setting spray in case it hasn’t already been applied.

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We’re the top bridal agency in tropical destinations in three countries covering coastal regions of Mexico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We do over 20 weddings per week and we’ve been in business since 2009. We LOVE working with brides, and are the main reason we went into business. 

Our involvement on the big day can include the groom, the wedding party, family, friends, and other guests too.

We’ve worked on so many South Asian weddings. In fact, it’s become the backbone of our business . We’ve also created a special brand of packages for these specific and beautiful ceremonies called “Lemons and Mehndi by Styling Trio.” You can check out some of our work on Instagram.

Absolutely. As mentioned, we worked with many South Asian brides and family members. We also use oil-free and waterproof products, including our airbrush technique. Additionally, its super lightweight formulation is perfect for a beach wedding. Our focus is on your skin and tone. We understand the complexities of skin and color correcting. Bring along your foundation or concealer so our artist can get confirmation on how you like your skin tone. Do you want to be a bronze sun-kissed bride? Or maybe you want a bright and light look for your skin? Let us know so we can accommodate.

Absolutely. Please check our posts on the following social media channels. Find links below.





All of our platforms like Google and Facebook.

We pride ourselves in hand-picking each artist tailored specifically for what you need. 

Send us your inspiration photos and we will select a glam squad for you!The inspiration photos, as well as photos of you, are imperative to the process.  When looking for inspirational photos for hair, for example, try and find styles with your same hair color. As for makeup, look for similar skin tones as your own so you can have a better idea of how the colors will be portrayed on you. The most important thing for us is to get a good look at the style you’re going for. Then, the makeup will be tailored depending on each bride and her personality and features to make each one look GORGEOUS!

Services Cost | Packages

We have several packages that include the trial. If you’re making a site visit/trip to your event location, we can do the trial then and just charge you that day for the trial amount. Then once you confirm your wedding services with us, that amount already paid will go towards the final bill of whichever bridal package (which includes a trial).

During the trial day, we will expect to get your perfect look. However, in the event you’d like to go in another direction after the completed trial, you’ll have to book another trial, and additional charges may apply. It’s something we will need to discuss in the event a retrial is needed. Most importantly, the team has made contact with you, and everyone has a better idea of what to expect. Trust that if any changes need to be made, you can discuss them via email with your sales consultant, and they will communicate the changes to your team of artists. 

The only charges that you could incur are

1) if you have a balance,

2) you want to add services the day of, like, for example if a guest wants hair or makeup services. (if scheduling permits)

The contract will already include all taxes and transportation fees, if applicable.

Yes, we have fees for transportation which will depend on your location and/or resort. These charges will be disclosed and explained in the contract you’ll sign.

Yes. At Styling Trio, we always prepare and have a contingency plan in place. In the event one of our artists isn’t able to make it as a result of sudden illness and/or an emergency, we’ll provide you with an artist of the same caliber and equal standards and get them brought up to speed on the look you’re after for the big day!

If you have any other questions not included in our FAQs, please contact us. We are always available to solve all your doubts and provide a full service. If you’d like to schedule a call with Adrian to discuss your look or any other specific questions you may have, we can arrange that too. Here are a few more hair and makeup tips to ensure you look absolutely stunning on your special day:

If you have any other questions not included in our FAQs, please contact us. We are always available to solve all your doubts and provide a full service. If you’d like to schedule a call with Adrian to discuss your look or any other specific questions you may have, we can arrange that too. 

Here are a few more hair and makeup tips to ensure you look absolutely stunning on your special day:

Don’t be afraid of cream products, they are your friend. You’ll find you’ll have a harder time if you use powder because the combination of powder, sweat, and humidity won’t be a good option. Cream products tend to move with your skin and melt in leaving the pigment behind and when sealed with setting spray, it not only increases the color intensity but it also improves the extended wear of your makeup.

For your skin, follow your regular cleansing routine and if wearing moisturizer or sunscreen on your face, please apply it at least 45 minutes before the appointment.

When you are at your sunny destination for your wedding, please protect your skin with sunblock/screen and do not expose yourself too much to sun and try to always wear a hat to protect your face/chest/shoulders from the sun. Tan lines from the swimwear may not look nice in your dress, pick swimsuits without straps visible when wearing your dress. Drink a lot of water!

Tip: Look for inspiration pictures of brides/women with similar facial features and skin tone.

For straight/wavy hair: 

Wash your hair the previous day with shampoo only, no hair conditioner.

If you are envisioning wearing your hair down, consider hair extensions! Thosel help a lot with volume and curls last longer on hair extensions than your own hair, just make sure they are made with 100% human hair and clips in 🙂

Curly hair is very porous and requires extra amounts of hydration to keep it from frizzing. We recommend using leave-in treatments, hydrating shampoos and conditioners, etc. Our favorite products for curly hair are Paul Mitchell’s “Beautifully Confident Curls”. you know your hair best and what are the products that suit it. Keeping yourself hydrated inside and out is always best!

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