Everything About Beach Wedding Hairstyles

How do you know if the hairstyle you like in the magazine is the one that will suit you for your wedding day, and more importantly, if this hairstyle will be functional for a beach wedding considering the weather?

According to our expert, Adrian Guerra, the first thing you have to take into consideration is the weather. At the beach, the weather can be humid, windy, and hot, which makes your hair look different than you are used to. It is important to know how the weather is going to be on your wedding day to consider what type of hairstyle is best for the occasion. We work with the best products for this type of weather, including frizz controllers, liquid spray, volume controller, and work spray for different volumes, but most importantly, we have THE BEST staff in the area.


Another important aspect to consider is your type of hair to select your hairstyle. If you have thin hair, maybe beach waves are not the perfect hairstyle considering the wind; this type of style will last for 1-2 hours tops. Having hair extensions will help give more volume and can make the hairstyle resist a little longer.

If the weather is windy, you can use a half-up that shows your long hair but still can help the hairstyle look controlled for more time. Great for Boho chic weddings.

The best option if you want your hairstyle to resist all night is having an updo that will resist the humidity and wind; you can do different types of updo from a French twist, simple and elegant, to a fresh and messy updo. Another option is a ponytail, very simple but elegant, giving good volume, and a good blow dry will make you look gorgeous!

An extra tip is to begin your hair treatments with your hairstylist months before your wedding so your hair can SHINE more!.

Photo by Fer De La Rosa

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