Bridal Hair and Makeup: False Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions for a Flawless Look.

It seems over time, eyelashes have always been a focal point in all makeup applications, from the most natural nude lash to the ever-so-dramatic fan-tail lash. Now, eyelash extensions are being offered virtually across the globe. Everyone can now have access to these luxurious tiny hairs that are must-haves for keeping a youthful and awake eye.

When it comes to makeup for an event, I must admit a little extra lash here and there never hurt anyone (at least not on my watch…). Take the time to think about your lashes and how you would like to envision them on this amazing day! Are you feeling flirty? Feeling sexy? Maybe just classically romantic. Expressing these ideas and feelings to your makeup artist allows both of you to define what kind of false lash best fits the mood you want to express.


Eyelashes come in all shapes and sizes for any type of eye and any comfort level. We offer individual and complete eyelash strips in different sizes according to your eye and the style of your makeup. Some styles require more eyelashes in the middle, and some styles require more on the edge of the eyes.

If you are planning to do eyelash extensions at home, consider the overall look you have in mind. Opting for a more natural lash is always a good idea, as we can always add more on the wedding day (with your permission, of course). In the end, we want to make you feel like yourself on your day, simply enhancing. I know we always stress natural here at Styling Trio, but sometimes the big day calls for a little more drama! In this case, think about something bolder, BUT keep in mind that fuller and thicker can mean the lashes can droop, especially on the corners, FYI…

he perfect time to do your eyelash extensions is just a couple of days before the wedding. Depending on the look you want, keep your eyes out for extensions that can make your lashes look full and flirty, not heavy and fake.


If you decide on extensions, we suggest you bring your own mascara if you are planning to keep them after the wedding day. We work with waterproof mascara that can damage your extensions when you take the mascara off.

You're already gorgeous—we just make it official.